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Welcome to Greschner-Rechner GmbH in Bammental

Since 1971, we've been your reliable partner for medicine, pharmaceuticals and technology.

Over 40 years ago, engineer Ferdinand Greschner paved the way for a company whose success still lasts until today.

Today, Greschner Rechner GmbH is your partner for the development and production of slide rules, data discs, rulers and templates for general use as well as specially designed for the areas of medicine, pharmaceuticals and technology.

The secret of our success lies in offering solutions for a highly specialised industrial sector, which only a few producers in Germany and the rest of Europe are able to offer.

Our products have existed for more than 300 years and today are widely used in a wide variety of fields. Our experience gives us and our customers a decisive market advantage.

Whether you are looking for a chart with the logo of your company or you need a technical slide rule, our products are the ideal gadget for marketing purposes and assisting the work of scientists in the form of technical aids.

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Great advertisement for all industries

Are you looking for an exclusive way to advertise your company?

Have a look at our standard assortment - we've got the right slide rule for every industry.

We are happy to brand the product you have selected with your company logo so that you can use it to promote your company.

Individual Slide Rules

Does our standard assortment  not contain the ideal solution for your field of expertise? We also develop individual, personalised solutions. Our work is centred  around our customer's needs, and over the years we have collaborated with clients from all over Europe.

We are happy to design a personalised product that is made to match your wishes as well as providing a practical tool for every day use in your work environment. We have long-standing experience and great expertise in designing and developing slide rules. Our team will offer you personalised, custom-built products for an attractive price.

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